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Highland Cattle For Sale



Our Highland heifers are cute and friendly, trained early to be hand fed, hugged and petted. Unregistered, they come out of excellent Northwestern and Canadian blood lines. Each has its own personality. They are weaned from their mothers around six months of age and ready for sale at that time. We've sold our heifers as breeding stock as well as pets. People with small acreage buy them as pets and get great lawnmowers and brush clearers in the bargain. Because of their strong herd instinct, we sell only in pairs unless the buyer already has other cattle.

CATTLE FOR SALE.   We have one tan bull that will be weaned in May of 2014 that will be available at the time for $1100.  We also have a young heifer that will be weaned in July of 2014, and is likely to be a miniature, that will be available for $1,000.

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